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Old 06-23-2011, 04:38 PM
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Default Dbo wasabii account

Hello Community..
First of all i d like to inform you i m a new member so dont harsh on me with my questions
I didnt bother to make an account here before (though i m looking /searching it for quite a while now)
Cause i knew that i had to *Buy* an account to play dbo , and unfortunately i m the kind of guy who doesnt trust internet sales that much..
*on topic now*
I saw at the official dbo trailer on youtube , a post that had a ton of thumbs up saying

Quote from youtube user:
Everyone a open beta is beginning tomorrow night

go to wasabii website its the Taiwan version

go to ****** website to learn how to register

thumbs up so we can have some english players

And so i m trying to play this game at last , but with no luck :/
So i made a step ahead , created this account , opened this thread and requesting your help if you may..
Dont wanna start with the * i m a huge db fan and i want to play this game blablabla* but i m a huge db fan and i would love to play this game

Anyway any help appreciated
Sorry for my bad English btw , not my native language.

Best regards
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