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Dragon Ball Online takes place on Earth, 216 years after the events at the conclusion of the Dragon Ball manga series. The villians in Dragonball Online is an evil organisation known as the Dark Eye. The Dark Eye are time meddlers who are changing the events of the past. The members of Dark Eye are under the effects of mind control. Mind controlled victims are characterized by a green gem marked with an “X” that rests in their forehead. The Mastermind behind the Dark Eye Organisation is currently unknown.

You play as a character who is trying to repair the ‘Cracks in Time’ created by the Dark Eye. Time Petrol Trunks helps you travel through time so you can repair Time Cracks. Throughout the game you’ll find similar cracks in time all over the world and must travel through them into the past to preserve the Earth’s history. All events which take place in Age 1000 take place on Earth.

The story of Dragonball Online is a sequel to that of the manga “Dragonball” (the animes Dragonball & Dragonball Z) written by Akira Toriyama. Toriyama has creative control over the game and any events from the movies or anime that were not based on his manga will be, more or less, ignored.

More Information on the Dragonball Online Storyline can be found here.

Playable Races: Human, Namekian, and Majin. At the point in the Dragonball timeline that this game takes place in the Saiyans are thought to be extinct so they will not be a playable race. You will, however, be able to fight along side the Saiyans by traveling through time to take part in some of the memorable events from the anime/manga. The Humans you play as will, however, be some part Saiyan and will have access to the Super Saiyan transformation with the help of the Eternal Dragon.

Playable Classes: The classes available to the player are determined by their race with each class exclusive to that race. All classes have their own talent tree that they’ll need to invest points into to obtain some of the more powerful spells and abilities. At level 30 you will be able to become a “Master” of your class. Each class has 3 skill trees, one for it’s basic skills and abilities, and one for both of the paths a player can choose after becoming a “Master” of their class.

Human: Martial Artist and Spiritualist (an Engineer class was also announced, but is not yet playable)
Namekian: Dragon Clan Member and Warrior
Majin: Wonder Majin and Mighty Majin

Gameplay: The game does play a bit like World of Warcraft, but still has a feel of it’s own that is true to the Dragonball franchise within the limits of an MMORPG. Dragonball Online does try a few things new to most MMORPGs as listed below.

Dragonballs: There isn’t just one set of Dragonballs like in the anime/manga. They can be obtained through quests and monster drops. Players will be able to wish for : money, weapons, secondary weapons, armor, or a “great gift”. It’s very likely that there will be different tiers of Dragonballs with higher tiers being harder to obtain, but offering greater rewards.

Transformations: After collecting all 7 Dragonballs you’ll be able to wish for power; Humans will obtain the Super Saiyan form, Namekians will get a giant form, and the Majins will take the form of the pure Majin Buu (Kid Buu).

In addition to each racial transformation: all classes may use the Kaio-ken. There is no limit on the Kaio-ken, but as long as it’s active it will consistently drain your LP and EP. The Kaio-ken is only usable after level 35.

Travel: Players will be able to ride around on player owned mounts, public transportation, and teleport by way of instant transmission through the Yardrats (who also serve as external storage for the player). It’s been announced that players will be able to take flight, but not until later patches of the game.

Time Travel Quests: Players will be able to travel through time and take part in the events of the Anime/Manga with the help of Time Patrol Trunks. Known events so far include: Goku’s landing on Earth, Introduction to the Ox King and Chichi, the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Gohan’s Training in the Wilderness, Raditz’s arrival on Earth, and Vegeta and Nappa’s attack on Earth.

HTB Skills: Also know as “High Tension Blows”. You’ll obtain your first HTB Skill at level 30 when you become an adult. When activated against a NPC: your character will automatically play out a string of attacks. When activated against another player: a struggle occurs. If you win the struggle the string of attacks will be initiated.

Crafting: Players will be able to use items they find in their journey to create new items and equipment. Players may choose a crafting profession such as equipment, weapons, or scouters and will be able to craft better items as their crafting level increases.

Player vs Player: Duels can take place anywhere in the world. There will also be organized spots for 1v1 and team vs team duels as well as tournaments (The World Martial Arts Tournament). PvP combat will play out similar to normal PvE combat.

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