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  • Dragonball Online Storyline 0 CommentsPosted by admin on November 18, 2009 under all articles, featured articles
    The events of Dragonball Online take place in the age 1000 (216 years after the events of the anime Dragonball Z) with the role of villain going to an organization known as the Dark Eye. The Dark Eye is a group of time travelers who threaten the earth by attempting to tamper with its past. Currently, all known members of the Dark Eye have been under the effect of mind control. Mind controlled vict... more.
  • Dragonball Online Mounts 0 CommentsPosted by admin on under all articles, featured articles
    Currently, vehicles are the only free controlled method of transportation available to a player that provides an increase in movement speed. Unlike in other MMOs, where there is some sort of level restriction to vehicles or mounts, the only restriction in Dragonball Online is how much the player is willing to spend. Although it's technically possible to get a mount at level 1, a player wishing to ... more.
  • Dragonball Online Combat Guide 0 CommentsPosted by admin on under all articles, featured articles
    With regard to combat, we didn’t know how to control at first until we spent much time reading Korean help files and operated in the game. As shown by the picture, each character has three indication bars: HP, EP and RP. For most players, they are familiar with HP and EP, which are the same with Health Points and Mana Points. Whereas, RP is specially designed in DragonBall, which indicates the c... more.
  • New Oficial DragonBall Online Videos 4 CommentsPosted by admin on November 12, 2009 under all articles, featured articles, videos
    Well so far the videos of PVP we have seen have been a bit boring, here are some much better offical videos of pvp released by netmarble. They feature the World Touranment, Transformation in PVP and general higher level skills being used in pvp. enjoy them, we did. ... more.
  • Dragonball Online CB Phase 2 Videos! 1 CommentsPosted by admin on November 7, 2009 under all articles, videos
    The Second Beta Test has now ended, we have lots of new videos and pictures to upload so stay tuned throughout the week. ... more.
  • Dragonball Online Closed Beta 2 Images 2 CommentsPosted by admin on under all articles, images
    Here is alot of new Images taken from the 2nd phase of colsed beta. [nggallery id=5]... more.
  • Dragonball Online Review 38 CommentsPosted by admin on October 28, 2009 under all articles, articles, news articles
    Because of the high popularity of the original Dragon Ball comics, the MMO version has attracted a lot of attentions from players all over the world. Although the game has been announced two years ago, it is just fully presented to players this time. This test lasted for only three days and the servers were available for a limited time. Plus, the game is Korean version, which may cause some m... more.
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