CJ Internet Q&A Part 2
CJ Internet Q&A Part 2

Translation Credit: Golden Dragon

Q. If you become the first place winner in the “Best in the Universe Tournament”, what special item will you receive?

A. Mr. Kim: The “Best in the Universe Tournament” special item will be given to the first prize winner only for a period item. Everyone will easily figure out that the item is the first place item. Until the item is taken away for the next “Best in the Universe Tournament,” the winner can use it.

The time between each “Best in the Universe Tournament” is currently a problem and we are listening to any suggestions until we make a final decision. Also, the “Best in the Universe Tournament” is simple content for our game and should not be left alone until we solve the problems with how to apply rank promotions in the “Dragonball Online Tournament”.

Q. Originally, characters would fly in the sky. In “Dragonball Online” it is an irregular flaw and a pity that it isnt. Will flying be applied later?

A. Mr. Kim: An irregular flaw focuses on representing the “Flying Nimbus”. And we plan to add an update so that you can fly in the sky “???” as well.

Q. The originality of Dragonball is essential to the series. Do you think that Korea can make additions and still keep to the original series in “Dragonball Online?”

A. Mr. Kim: I think Korea can put the essential parts of “Dragonball” into “Dragonball Online” that will be unique and maybe the world may not think it matches. However, this is a beginning Korean service and many Korean users and the CJ Internet have given their input on the game.

For example, I heard of an ideas where there was going to be a bus item system ranking, but it was dismissed. I think Korean users will find all the content to be fulfilling to their tastes.

Q. In the original series, the Super Saiyans were able to transform up to Super Saiyan 3 and were also able to momentarily increase their characters’ power through the “Kai-O-Ken” also. Will this type of content be included in the future?

A. Mr. Kim: We focus on the individuals’ desire. At the moment, all characters can only reach up to level 50 and can also transform in a “Super Saiyan”. This content was originally created in the game because users wished to add it. However, you do not need to worry about in-game balance. We will be considering all options for how to regulate it.

We tried to stay as close to the great originality of Dragonball as it is a very important influence in our design. But, for example, if we stayed true to the original and added the feature Fusion, the biggest problem posed by our users was “If we fuse, who will control the character?”

Q. After the introduction of “Dragonball,” do you plan to add “Dragonball GT” also to “Dragonball Online?”

A. Mr. Kim: We still don’t plan to have “Dragonball GT” in Dragonball Online. Right now we only have 20% of the original content. I think we should add the original’s content first.

Q. “Dragonball Online” original from now on newly converse evolve. In this confront users ??? can feel looks.

A. Mr. Kim: In the original story, Goku and Uub had enough and go off to train. Then after, the background of “Dragonball Online” is based in the year 1000 when history is already well prepared. Users newly story naturally can receive so that various ways in the middle of feeling through.

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