CJ Internet Q&A
CJ Internet Q&A

On the 20th at 10am CJ Internet held a presentation in the Grand Hotel in Tokyo. The presentation revealed the content and marketing strategies for Dragonball Online.
The man himself Akira Toriyama was in attendance as well as the head executives at CJ Internet.

The presentation began with a CJ Internet representative explaining the story of Dragonball Online.

If you would like to read about the storyline of Dragonball Online go here; http://wiki.dbmmo.com/index.php?title=Storyline

He also explained about the 3 playable races and the unique combat system that we all already know about.

He went on to explain that most characters that appeared in the original Dragonball series are dead but some character remain alive, he stated two specifically; Android 18 and Turtle figures. He also stated that you can travel back in time and meet the main characters form the Dragonball saga.



A Q&A was also held with the CJ Internet representatives;

Q. “What is ultimately the goal for Dragonball Online?”
A. In terms of gameplay the goal is to stop the Dark Eye Conspiracy and restore peace to the world.
In terms of CJ’s goal, we have two main goals;
That Dragonball Online will satisfy everyone and everyone will hopefully enjoy all the rich content.

Q. Japanese cartoon games based on the original anime have rarely been successful. What has CJ done to help the success of this game?

A. So far, a thorough analysis shows us that other games in mention have had a lack of content which ultimately lead to there demise.
The content that appeared in the Closed test phases was a small sample of the game, so it is safe to say that Dragonball Online will not fall short in terms of content. We also have staff who are constantly adding new content to Dragonball Online.

Our research also shows another cause of failure is the lack of communication between the original owner of the series. But as you all know we had Akira Toriyama oversee the entire game production and also provide the Art for the game. So I think thats the one thing that you should not be a problem (laughs).

Q. Will CJ Internet be starting a new project Now?

A. We love this game and we are dedicated to it, so we will not be starting anything new for some time now.

Q. Will you regularly update the content?

A. Content updates will continue regularly. But still
Content update schedule has been set.

Q. In CBT, we found to many repetitive quests that where taking up alot of time. Is anything being done about that?

We have recognised the problems about tedious and repetitive quests and the problem was sent to developer team. When OBT come we should get more feedback and fix other issues like this one.

CJ internet PM

CJ internet PM

So there are a few questions we could translate. Over the next few days we will be translating the other questions with the South Korean dictionary.
But for now we will provide you with a direct ‘Google Translation”

Q. When you receive the best ye win the ball is a special item?

Gimmingyu PM: ‘ye first the ball, you win only the winner receives the item
Was given until the item. Named winner of the other people that are so easy to find
The following items are items that will be the ‘best ball ye’ be opened until
Can be.

‘Ye first the ball’ during the period of distress, and current users to determine their opinion
Is. In addition, ‘ye first the ball, only to let the single-game content, rather than
‘Dragonball online and offline competitions, such as looking at ways to take advantage of promotional
There is.

Q. In the original characters are tired of flying the sky ‘Dragonball Online’ on the fly
Transportation is also an appearance?

Gimmingyu PM: flight will ride on the typical ‘geunduun’ is. And
Can fly ‘mugongsul’ will also be updated.

Q. The elements in the original, as well as unique elements Korea ‘Dragonball Online’ em
Are likely to add?

Gimmingyu PM: ‘Dragon Ball Online, you can place elements of the Korea
‘Dragonball’ I do not belong to a unique world view. However, the world’s first
Is South Korea South Korea as a place to service users and CJ Internet, a lot of the feedback was applied in this game.
For example, a bus or equivalent items will include strengthening the system. Korea content is different
The user is supposed to fill their appetite.

Q. Step 3 is the original until after the Chu Ci was transformed. And second, the character
Powerful, the ‘gyewanggwon’ was also the emergence of this content?

Gimmingyu PM: Personally, hope emerged. Now the character level to 50 level
Is reached, and third word ‘Except as may be. Because they came out in the original user
If you want to add. Will not collapse just to balance concerns. The future
I think it’s part of adjusting to do.

Most of it will be reflected in the original as possible, but, for example, a user of the fusion
You control who becomes a ‘and has a lot of distress.

Q. Animation produced ‘Dragonball’ story since the original Dragon Ball GT ‘to
‘Dragon Ball Online, but the effect?

Gimmingyu PM: ‘Dragonball GT’ plan has not yet. Now applied
Content is only about 20% of the original. First, the content of the original application was to
I think.

Q. ‘Dragon Ball Online, a new story after the original is deployed. For the
Users will be able to feel the yijilgam.

Gimmingyu PM: K’ung woobu take a left after the original story ‘Dragonball
Line of the history of baegyeongin age 1000 nyeonkka been prepared. Users of the new story
Natural to accept a variety of ways are being sought.

Well there you go some very interesting things mentioned in some of those questions, we will work on translating them so keep checking back at dbmmo for the updates.

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  • druzokas
    November 25, 2009

    Few days passed… When will the actual translation happen? ;S

  • Raggot
    November 29, 2009

    I just cant wait any longer ^^
    the game looks f…… awesome except that i dont understand a word :D

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