DragonBall Online: Dr. Gero’s Laboratory
DragonBall Online: Dr. Gero’s Laboratory

Yes, The Crazy Dr. Gero will also be making a come back in Dragonball Online. It must of taken him some time to panel beat his head back into shape because we had not seen him since the Android Saga.

To encounter Dr. Gero you must venture into his dangerous Cloning Laboratory, and of course Dr. Gero is hiding right at the back.. sigh… as you venture deeper into the Laboratory you will encounter various other Android Models, including an enhanced model of Android 19, this time though there is no Vegeta to help you out.

The instance requires a full group and a party between the levels of 34 – 40. A well rounded group is needed, you will need a Tank, Healer and plenty of DPS. The instance is rather short, a good group should be able to roll through the Lab in about 15 minutes. Sadly the Loot is nothing special but the quest completion experience will not disappoint you.

Dr. Gero's Lab Location

Dr. Gero's Lab Location

Android 20

Android 20

Android 19000SP

Android 19000SP

Apparently many other Androids Models did not quite make it into DragonBall Z, well in this encounter you get to wage war against them all.

Android ??

Android ??


Make Sure You Stand Behind This Android, AOE is Crazy.


This Guy looks like Jabba the Hut from Star Wars!

Once you have returned those Androids to the scrap heap, its time for the Dr. Gero Clone.


Dr. Gero Clone


Dr. Gero Power Level


Brawl: Dr. Gero

And remember Dr. Gero is still that energy absorbing Bad Ass you remember him to be.

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  • Mishnara
    February 8, 2010

    A badass clone?.. yeah right :p

  • Remura
    February 8, 2010

    yeaaahhhh…… i knew the adroids would come back…….but i’m sad cuz you can’t be one:P:P:P

  • yazan01
    February 8, 2010

    what about frieza ??

  • Maleficus
    February 8, 2010

    why you post all of this pics and further videos? its only a passive hurting because most of us can’t play this game.

  • monaug5
    February 8, 2010

    Can’t wait for this excellent game to be released in english!

  • Jesus
    February 9, 2010

    Nice, they brought back Buyon as well :)

  • SuperSaiyanGamer
    February 10, 2010

    Anyone Else Gonna Help Me? Just 3 Of My Friends Are Gonna Play And 1 Of Them Wants To Kill Me

  • Lived
    February 18, 2010

    hm….i can’t wait of dragon ball online EU client! :(

  • LaFreeze
    March 2, 2010

    Interesting! Thanks for posting this!

    I hope we will be seeing more the androids. I too was hoping they would be a playable race but I’d settle for them being an enjoyable foe. I’ll be disapointed if this 15 minute fight is the first and last we’ll see of them.

  • dbzfan4life
    July 5, 2010

    the androids are the best character in the whole game and shom my fav is cell

  • dbzfan4life
    July 5, 2010

    Akira Toriyama is the master of anime

  • Rauga
    August 12, 2011

    You’d need an entire army fo face Frieza

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