G-Star Conference, It’s All Here!
G-Star Conference, It’s All Here!

So you didn’t make it to G-Star and you want to catch up on what you missed, well sit back and enjoy the videos and pictures of the Dragonball Online Booth.

When you first entered the Dragonball Online Booth you where handed a show bag, the show bag contained this Dragonball Online Brochure. The Pages can be found below.

The CJ Internet President also held a Quick Q&A which we will translate and post up during this week (He talked about flying!).

As our Insiders where informed you could of watched the Dragonball Online booth Live, from here; http://www.gstar.or.kr/

The next few videos show the DBO event floor and some game footage.

DBO Event Screen

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  • renaid jones
    January 19, 2010

    man who made this is the bomb dog i lovie dragonballz

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