IGN – Dragonball Online Impressions
IGN – Dragonball Online Impressions

Well isn’t this just the ultimate Dragonball experience? I mean, fans of the show who’ve wanted a way to grow and customize a persistent character within the Dragonball universe must be salivating over something like this game, or at least at its concept. The section on display at G-Star 2009, a videogame show in Busan, South Korea, was fairly low-key. In it various character classes, some human, some Namekian walked around in a large green forested area beating up snakes, what appeared to be squirrels, wolves, and other creatures that dropped rewards when defeated.

The game is a conventional MMO where you select targets, initiate an auto-attack with a right mouse click, and trigger special abilities to deal additional damage. At one point I was running around fields controlling a Magin Buu-like character, which had a variety of special abilities that triggered flurries of attacks and area-of-effect belly flops. Other classes could toss fireballs, grow in size, and blink to the other side of engaged enemies in a flash, mimicking the way the show would represent how quickly these fighters can move.

While roaming around short speed dashes were possible to make travel a little faster, and it seems there’s also a charge-up ability. By pressing and holding a key, your character will squat down and build up power, much like in the show when fighters try to power up and draw out energy. These power levels are represented by little circles set underneath your health bar display in the top of the screen, and once they’re filled up they’ll gradually drain as you fight.

The game is filled with bright colors and the style holds true to that of the animated series, an aspect I’m sure fans will enjoy, especially how characters run around with their arms straight out at their sides. As for the depth of the game’s systems it’s difficult for me to say much, but I can say your class can be equipped with a number of items. In other words, you can swap out boots and pants and more. How all these character types interact and balance against each other wasn’t apparent from what was on the floor, and it would take a much more extensive play session and, ideally, English text to say more about it.

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