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  • Dragon Ball Online Sparring Video 10 CommentsPosted by admin on March 6, 2010 under all articles, videos
    DragonBall Online currently has sparring system in place, this means you can simply click on another player and press spar and if the other player accepts the fight will begin. This is an awesome way to test yourself, before going into ranked battles! ... more.
  • DragonBall Online: Dr. Gero’s Laboratory 12 CommentsPosted by admin on February 8, 2010 under featured articles
    Yes, The Crazy Dr. Gero will also be making a come back in Dragonball Online. It must of taken him some time to panel beat his head back into shape because we had not seen him since the Android Saga. To encounter Dr. Gero you must venture into his dangerous Cloning Laboratory, and of course Dr. Gero is hiding right at the back.. sigh... as you venture deeper into the Laboratory you will encounter... more.
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