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  • Dragonball Online: PVP Mayhem 6 CommentsPosted by admin on April 5, 2010 under all articles, videos
    Dragonball Onlies Player vs Player system is currently limited to arena play and we are currently unsure if there will be an open pvp area in the game. Arena play allows for single players or groups to go head to head in a variety of arenas. A round in the Arena lasts for 3 minutes and there are a total of 3 rounds. The player who wins 2 out of 3 rounds is declared the winner. Rounds lasts for ... more.
  • Re-Tweet A Tweet For A Chance To WIN A DBO Account 0 CommentsPosted by admin on February 19, 2010 under all articles, wikipedia articles
    Simply visit twitter and re-tweet this message; Re-tweet this message for your chance to win a DragonBall Online Account! Visit for all the latest Dragonball Online News!... more.
  • Dragonball Online: Bardock’s Sacrifice… 19 CommentsPosted by admin on under all articles, featured articles
    The latest Time Machine Quest is now available to watch! This is by far the most exciting Time Machine Quest I have seen so far, and is full of twists and turns. This is the 4th Time Machine Quest in Dragonball Online. Appropriate Level: 46 - 49 Clear Time: 25 Minutes Recommended Party: Tank, Healer, Support, 2x DPS The instance takes around 25 minutes to clear but we have cut this vid... more.
  • Dragonball Online: Kaioken Video Demonstration 1,535 CommentsPosted by admin on February 1, 2010 under videos
    Video demonstrating the Kaioken Skill in Dragon ball Online. ... more.
  • Dragonball Online Open Beta Official Trailer 991 CommentsPosted by admin on January 11, 2010 under all articles, videos
    Netmarble have officially launched a New Dragonball Online Open Beta Trailer. ... more.
  • Dragonball Online: Icon 2009 Presentation! 11 CommentsPosted by admin on December 6, 2009 under all articles, articles, featured articles
    All in all this was an interesting presentation which revealed aspects of Dragon ball Online which we were currently unaware of. The presentation mainly focused on Intellectual Property (IP), and the relationship between South Korea and Japan when the game was being developed. NTL's creative director Koji Takamiya gave the power-point presentation. The presentation contained 65 slides; we will o... more.
  • CJ Internet Q&A 2 CommentsPosted by admin on November 23, 2009 under all articles, articles, featured articles, news articles
    On the 20th at 10am CJ Internet held a presentation in the Grand Hotel in Tokyo. The presentation revealed the content and marketing strategies for Dragonball Online. The man himself Akira Toriyama was in attendance as well as the head executives at CJ Internet. The presentation began with a CJ Internet representative explaining the story of Dragonball Online. If you would like to rea... more.
  • Dragonball Online Storyline 0 CommentsPosted by admin on November 18, 2009 under all articles, featured articles
    The events of Dragonball Online take place in the age 1000 (216 years after the events of the anime Dragonball Z) with the role of villain going to an organization known as the Dark Eye. The Dark Eye is a group of time travelers who threaten the earth by attempting to tamper with its past. Currently, all known members of the Dark Eye have been under the effect of mind control. Mind controlled vict... more.
  • Dragonball Online Mounts 0 CommentsPosted by admin on under all articles, featured articles
    Currently, vehicles are the only free controlled method of transportation available to a player that provides an increase in movement speed. Unlike in other MMOs, where there is some sort of level restriction to vehicles or mounts, the only restriction in Dragonball Online is how much the player is willing to spend. Although it's technically possible to get a mount at level 1, a player wishing to ... more.
  • Dragonball Online Combat Guide 0 CommentsPosted by admin on under all articles, featured articles
    With regard to combat, we didn’t know how to control at first until we spent much time reading Korean help files and operated in the game. As shown by the picture, each character has three indication bars: HP, EP and RP. For most players, they are familiar with HP and EP, which are the same with Health Points and Mana Points. Whereas, RP is specially designed in DragonBall, which indicates the c... more.
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