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  • IGN – Dragonball Online Impressions 1 CommentsPosted by admin on November 30, 2009 under all articles, news articles
    Well isn't this just the ultimate Dragonball experience? I mean, fans of the show who've wanted a way to grow and customize a persistent character within the Dragonball universe must be salivating over something like this game, or at least at its concept. The section on display at G-Star 2009, a videogame show in Busan, South Korea, was fairly low-key. In it various character classes, some human, ... more.
  • CJ Internet Q&A Part 2 1 CommentsPosted by admin on November 25, 2009 under all articles, articles, featured articles
    Translation Credit: Golden Dragon Q. If you become the first place winner in the "Best in the Universe Tournament", what special item will you receive? A. Mr. Kim: The "Best in the Universe Tournament" special item will be given to the first prize winner only for a period item. Everyone will easily figure out that the item is the first place item. Until the item is taken away for the next... more.
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