World Wide Release Date Plans
World Wide Release Date Plans

I thought I would write a quick article clearing up DragonBall Online release date misconceptions for America/Europe. So here goes.

This week a member of our community posted a thread stating that Dragonball Online is not on Namco Bandai’s 2010 games release list, see thread here. This information is correct and Namco Bandai is the official international publisher for Dragonball Online.

Of course this was very disappointing news. I emailed Namco Bandai America to see if they would comment on the matter.

Namco Bandai America replied:

“We currently have the Dragonball Online release date as TBA 2010.”

Good news, or is it?

I also found an interesting Q&A dated 27th of November 2009 with the CJ Internet’s CEO (Mr. Koji Takamiya) commenting on a World Wide Release for Dragonball Online.

Koji, CEO

Koji, CEO

Koji “Well we first plan to release Dragonball Online to Japan and we have just signed a publisher for Taiwan. As for a world wide release, this will depend on the game’s success in Korea and Japan.”

So it appears that there is currently no plans on releasing Dragonball Online to America/Europe until the success of the game is measured in Japan and Korea, despite what Namco Bandai America stated.

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  • phantomlord123
    October 29, 2010

    why r you actually even doing all this adding new patches and stuff
    translate the whole game and update then!!!

  • Dakade
    December 27, 2010

    well its dragon ball z even if its not a success in japan r korea thats two differ culters america love some dbz and its always hit look at nick toons look how big it was even tho show the same five episodes still big bring it on!!!!!

  • killaskillz
    December 27, 2010

    Just looking at the history of DBZ; this game as soon as it launches would be a hit. Not many people in America know about this game. Me and my bro got lucky to even find this website and immediatly joined and deleted all of our games on our cpu just to make room. Deleted our games Shaiya, Shin megamitensei, City of Villians, Guild Wars, Lost Chaos, Fiesta just to play this game and it never worked. I would suggest launching this game and advertise it and you will see how many people join this site on the 1st day. You would get thousands and Im ready to play this game right now lol. So a release of this game would do just fine ^_^ thanks and if they say no then release it anyway and prove them wrong lol

  • Dragonflame
    June 19, 2011

    I’m with you killz, DBZ is a huge hit here in the states I mean even dragon ball z ki is a hit and the changed some voice actors and some elements of the story if I can remember to original DBZ so I say write Namco Bandi and say that it would be beneficial to bring DBO over to the states. Also a faster download time would help lol

  • Rye
    August 8, 2011

    i say..
    let them see if its good or not!
    Because once its released in America.. everyone will be playing it!

  • Robert
    October 24, 2011

    I don’t know about america but when it’s released in europe it will be a hit!

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